About Us

We formed Link Wealth Group because we noticed so many financial advice practices overcomplicate the financial planning and mortgage process.

It doesn’t have to be difficult! We know we can provide top-notch easy-to-follow wealth advice to Australians in a way that also empowers you to be in control of your finances and your path to financial freedom.

We love what we do and we’ve built a hardworking team who is dedicated to creating financial peace of mind for you.

Our Team

Meet the Link Wealth Group Advisers

Our Team

Meet the Link Wealth Group Office Staff

Dylan Romano

Client Services Manager & Risk Officer

Jinni Johnston

Financial Planning Assistant

Jordan Dow

Financial Planning Assistant

Kajani Sivanantham

Client Services Officer

Brooke Ayano

Reception / Marketing Assistant

Kristine Aquino

Operations Manager

Sarrah Rivera

Client Services Officer

Angelique Padua

Mortgage Broking Assistant